A solid network and strong reliable network & internet connection are now as critical to many businesses as electricity. With many applications, cloud delivery is becoming the norm and without a reliable connection, you could find yourself unable to access critical business applications.

In hospitality & retail environments, a reliable WiFi connection is a big selling point for customers, with many people selecting a hotel room and other hospitality purchase based on the availability of a reliable connection!

Unfortunately, providing these services on a large scale is still normally very complicated and so many businesses still struggle with providing a reliable network solution and ensuring it is safe and secure to use, all the more important with the recent GDPR legislation.

We can help you solve those issues and to do so we have partnered with Cisco Meraki to provide ‘best in class’ WiFi and networking solutions to businesses, with easy to use remote management & security functionality built in. Our purchasing, installation & IT support services can be combined to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of your networking needs.

Why Meraki?

More than “Just the network”

Cisco’s Meraki platform is unique, the entire range can be managed securely from the web, out of the box settings ensure legislation compliant, high performing networks can be configured and managed achieved with minimum pain. When working with WiFi multiple networks can be transmitted from a single access point allowing separation of business, guest and employee traffic. A feature-packed analytics package will help you manage your network performance and if that’s not enough, Meraki integrates beautifully into Purple’s WiFi analytics package.

Our go-to networking solutions are produced by Cisco as part of their Meraki cloud-managed range. With an aesthetically pleasing subtle appearance across the range, from rackmount switches & firewall offerings to remote-working solutions for you and your team whatever your requirements we can provide a suitable solution.

Above we have the MR20, the standard indoor AP we use for small installations at the moment. It’s small form factor & network power supply mean it goes unnoticed in even the most aesthetically demanding environments. The tech in an MR20 is also available in an IP67 case as the MR70, making it perfect for humid, dusty and outdoor environments too!

Below, is the Z1 remote-worker gateway with builtin AP. Perfect for home working staff, this provides a direct link back into your organisations’ network over a completely secure VPN connection and keeping you in complete control of your devices, even when they’re used ‘off network’ remotely.